The Maze of Lies BACK

By looking at the cover page of this edition, you may have already got an idea about what we are going to discuss this month. Yes friends! Lying is one such wrong action that many among us, in more or less frequency, knowingly or unknowingly, are doing on a regular basis. According to one study, lying is one such bad habit where the majority of people are experts and without any reason, they tend to lie easily to friends, family members, or colleagues. When one starts lying about small matters, he does not even know when it transforms into a bad habit. Then it becomes extremely difficult to come out of the maze of lies. It is said that, in order to hide one lie, a hundred lies are needed. Once he gets stuck in this illusionary trap, he gets more and more entangled in it. However, friends, you do not need to get entangled if you are trapped in this maze. I am certain that by the time you finish reading this edition, you will find a simple and easy way to come out of this maze. Jai Sat Chit Anand! - Dimple Mehta