How Are The Ones On The Path To Liberation Like? BACK

My young friends, when we meet an influential person, we get attracted and influenced by some of their qualities. The rule is such that, we naturally get attracted towards the qualities that we don’t possess and are present in the other person. By observing such a person, those qualities begin to grow within us. Most of the time, Gnani’s and other elevated Souls attain Self-realization and final liberation in that very lifetime. There are very few cases, such as Lord Mahavir who attained absolute Knowledge at the age of 42 and was around until the age of 72. Krupaludev (Shrimad Rajchandra) attained enlightenment and passed away at an early age and, therefore, very few people came in contact with him. Dadashri received Akram Gnan in 1958 and was able to give Gnan to others for 30 years. Niruma, who was graced by Dadashri, stayed with us for 38 continuous years, waving the Akram flag after receiving Gnan from Dadashri. And our loving Pujyashree received Gnan from Dada at the age of 17, stayed with our revered Niruma as a spiritual colleague, and for the last 50 years, we have a present, living Gnani Purush amongst us as a representative of Dadashri. We are all very fortunate to have the extraordinary opportunity to witness the celebration of the ‘50th Golden Jubilee Gnan Year.’ We have a wonderful chance to see and learn ‘How Are the Ones on the Path to Liberation Like?’ Friends, this month’s issue of Akram Youth has brought a special inspiration to all of us. Let us get a glimpse of the divine events in Pujyashree Deepakbhai’s life and through these various occasions, let us see ‘How Are the Ones on the Path to Liberation Like?’ It will give us a new vision to progress in our spiritual effort so that even we can move forward on the path that the Gnani has experienced and shown us. -Dimple Mehta