Judgement BACK

You may have all heard the story of the seven-tailed mouse in your childhood. People kept teasing the mouse because it had seven tails. So, he started cutting his own tails. Even after cutting all his tails, people still did not stop teasing him and on top of that, they teased him even more because it did not have a tail anymore. Friends, have you ever thought of what other people will think of you based on your clothes, education, or any other small things? ‘What will others think of me?’ Instead of accepting what comments or suggestions other people give you, if you start having hidden hatred for them, then you need to think, ‘Is my behavior becoming like that of the mouse?’ By giving too much importance to the opinions of others, the stress and the negative effects on your mind and body become unavoidable, but do not panic. Your favorite Akram Youth Magazine this month is covering this exact topic. If you also have to deal with such situations at times, then you must read this issue to get the exact keys to set the right understanding .... So, are you ready? - Dimple Mehta