Ramayana for Youth Part - 3 BACK

Friends, you may not know that the ‘Epic Ramayana’ is composed of 24,000 verses in the Sanskrit language and is considered as one of the largest ancient epic scriptures in the world. The story of Ramayana is not limited to Hinduism or India alone, but it is also prevalent in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam etc. Sage Valmiki composed this historical text of Indian culture thousands of years ago with the aim of guiding the entire human race. Even today, Ramayana has a great influence on Indian lifestyle, society, and family life. Every ideal husband and wife is compared to Rama and Sita, ideal son to Rama, ideal brother to Lakshmana or Bharat, and ideal friend to Sugriva. Every character of Ramayana remains an idol for society. As you all know, this is the third and last issue for our Akram Youth Ramayana series. Attempting to summarize such a large volume in just three issues is as difficult as containing the ocean in a jar. However, I firmly believe that this effort will provide a golden opportunity for our young brothers and sisters to receive guidance through our scriptures. -Dimple Mehta