Friends, We have had various questions arise in our lives, and there is nothing wrong with raising questions and finding their solutions. If scientists did not have questions and did not try to find the answers, then perhaps there would not have been so many discoveries in science. Everything that has become a part of our lives today, such as cell phones, the internet, TV, cars, bikes, etc. were all questions at the start of their exploration. And, as a result, these inventions of science were created. Even in spiritual science, the questions posed by the seeker become a major cause for his/her progress. Who runs this world? Why can house holders and women not attain liberation? If Dadashri had not raised such questions, then perhaps this wonderful science of Akram Vignan would not have been revealed! What in life is normal? When? Where? Why? We are trying to get answers to such questions, but we must be vigilant about why we ask questions, what type of questions to ask, whom to ask, and how to ask with discretion. In this issue, ‘Why?’ - a common question, which never leaves us alone - will be discussed further in detail. The purpose of asking questions such as ‘Why?’, its benefits and consequences, its importance, etc. has been discussed. In addition, detailed guidance on asking these questions is also included in this issue, which we hope will be useful to you… - Dimple Mehta