This Gap Can Be Closed BACK

Dear Friends, We have all experienced that as soon as today’s youth enter their teenage years, they start having a difference of opinion with their parents. Parents take so many adjustments without thinking about their own convenience, to raise their children, provide for their education and make them capable of leading their own lives. These same parents are being looked upon as old-fashioned and as people who nag by the youth. In this way, there is a sudden change in the relationship, and parents are knowingly or unknowingly hurt by their children’s disrespectful behavior. Sometimes the youth even hurt their parents by conversing less with them. We are impressed by today’s modern life, whereas our parent’s childhood and youth were spent differently due to the difference in economic and social circumstances. It is natural that this would have had an impact on their lifestyle. Due to this disparity, we always observe that there is a difference in the lifestyle and thinking of the youth and their parents, which is known as the generation gap. As a result of this generation gap, there are clashes in this beautiful and loving relationship, which if not solved in a timely manner, can lead to a bigger gap. With true understanding and insight, this gap can definitely be eliminated. In this edition of Akram Youth, we have discussed the solutions to the difficulties that arise between parents and youth. This will be really helpful in maintaining a loving and warm relationship between youth and their parents. The scripture writers and the Gnanis have given the designation of ‘Living Gods’ to our parents. Let us all get ready to fulfill that by cultivating the true understanding… -Dimple Mehta