Parents' Positives BACK

Dear Friends, By reading the last issue of Akram Youth: Generation Gap, you all must have taken the initiative to deepen your relationship with your parents. In this issue, we will further our efforts to make the relationship between us and our parents better. We get angry at our mom and dad for the smallest of things. We have never noticed how much our parents contribute to our daily lives. Our mom makes food three times a day so that we can get a good meal, dad is always focused on giving us the best comforts, and they are both constantly present when we are sick. We have probably never considered this big positive aspect of theirs. This is just one aspect. There are so many other positive qualities they have that we have not even noticed. This is true, is it not? Because, knowingly or unknowingly, we end up focusing on their negative qualities and as a result, our unity with them breaks, we become more distant from them, and the generation gap keeps on widening. But now we are all strongly determined to close this gap. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of seeing the positive qualities of our parents and by focusing on their positives with true understanding, let us say goodbye to this evil generation gap from our lives. - Dimplebhai Mehta