Bhishma BACK

Dear Friends, We are all familiar with the famous epic of ancient times, Mahabharat, and its great characters. Mahabharat is full of great characters such as Pitamah Bhishma, Vidoor, the five Pandavas, Kauravas, Lord Krishna, Karna, the great teacher Drona, the head guru Krupacharya, and several others. Each of these great characters have their own distinct traits. If we fully understand the life events of these great characters, then that understanding can be very helpful in our lives. With this noble objective, we have tried to introduce and cover the main events of one of the magnificent characters, Pitamah Bhishma in this month’s edition of your favorite Akram Youth. You may ask, why Bhishma? There are so many other magnificent characters in Mahabharat. However, friends, Pitamah Bhishma is unique due to his magnificent personality and due to the fact that he possesses the necessary characteristics that help us become successful in every field of life. He was an invincible warrior, a scholar, a skilled politician, a proponent of truth and religion in a cruel kingdom. He was a strong pillar who possessed infinite exceptional strengths and qualities. I hope that the study of this edition, which is dedicated to such a great man, who possessed various qualities, will be interesting and full of excitement. Along with that, it will provide inspiration to our lives. - Dimplebhai Mehta