Karna BACK

Friends, Our favorite epic, Mahabharat does not have only one main character or villain. Instead, many main characters of Mahabharat have become immortal in history due to their unique personality. In the previous edition, we learned some interesting things about Pitamah Bhishma. In the same way, we are going to talk about another such powerful character, the brave warrior, Karna. Infinite contradictory aspects of the life of the brave warrior Karna make his personality more interesting. Even though he was a Kshatriya prince, Karna had to endure the insults and taunts as the son of a charioteer throughout his entire life. On one hand, Karna was considered at fault for consenting to Draupadi’s insult in the courtroom and unlawfully murdering Abhimanyu in war. Whereas, on the other hand, no one even comes close to his philanthropy and faithful personality. Even though he took the side of the unrighteous Kauravas, he is viewed as a respectable and great warrior in the eyes of everyone. What is the secret behind it? Just like me, are you also eager to learn more about this brave warrior? So, let’s read without wasting time…let’s understand what we should learn from some known and unknown facts of Duryodhan’s best friend, Angraj Karna… - Dimplebhai Mehta