Our Very Own Superhero Hanumanji BACK

Friends, Today we are going to talk about a superhero, who is a favorite among kids, youths, celibates, and infinite devotees of Lord Ram. It is believed that by worshipping him, we can become wise, powerful, and knowledgeable. Yes friends, I am talking about our favorite superhero, Hanumanji. Out of all the characters of the ancient scripture Ramayana, Hanumanji is considered the most famous God in the Hindu religion. There are several stories describing his unique powers, bravery, celibacy, and his unparalleled devotion towards Lord Rama. We have covered some stories and events in this edition of Akram Youth, which will surely increase our reverence for Hanumanji. In the twenty-first century, where the virtues such as seva, dedication, and celibacy are decreasing every day, this edition of Akram Youth, which is dedicated to Hanumanji, will definitely help you to develop those virtues. - Dimplebhai Mehta.