Priority BACK

Dear Fellow Readers, Do you feel that your life is too busy? Do you remember a lot of tasks to do at once? Does the list of tasks keep growing? Does one task take so long that the other tasks get put on hold? Or do you feel that amidst these tasks, you don’t have any time for yourself? Does the burden and stress keep on increasing? If the answer to any of these questions is 'Yes', then you have picked up a magazine with the right topic. Yes, priority! Priority is something that must be given significance or importance. What does priority mean to us? We know what it is, but how to set priorities in life is confusing to everyone. Sometimes we overemphasize our hobbies and desires, which inadvertently puts our goals aside, and sometimes we end up hurting our close ones as well. Friends, in this edition we will learn about why it is important to set priorities in life. What are its benefits? How to set priorities? This edition will provide a complete understanding of this. - Dimple Mehta