Competition BACK

Dear Readers, Where is there no competition? There is competition at every step of life, starting from childhood until now. Competition for toys in your childhood days and in studies as your grow older. Then the competition for looking good, for career, for promotion in job or for status in society. There is constant competition to get ahead of others, to prove that you are smarter than others, or to increase your importance over others. Then jealousy arises from this competition, and unparalleled suffering arises from which sometimes even vengeance is bound. In the end, the joy is gone, isn't it! Friends, we often think that we are not competitive. So, be sure to read this issue. Through episodes of a web-story in this issue, we will gain practical understanding of competitiveness, what causes it, what are its symptoms, what are its disadvantages, and how to come out of competition. - Dimplebhai Mehta