The End of Life BACK

Dear friends, The cycle of birth and death is inevitable and is not in anyone's control. He who is born must die. This is a reality that every person has to face in their lives and it is very painful to accept the death of a relative. There are various myths about death, but no one has been able to reveal the true meaning of death. Because the one who is dead cannot tell his experience and the one who is born does not remember the final moments of his last life. Thus, the question of death has kept people in delusion and fear for eternity. Even progress in the field of science has not been able to shed light on this matter. In this issue of Akram Youth which is based on a serious and sensitive subject like death, an attempt has been made to unravel the mysteries of this most difficult and infamous stage of life. Hopefully the facts revealed by the Gnani Purush Dadashri will give us a proper understanding to accept this bitter reality. At the same time, if we ever face such a situation in life, this understanding will help us and make us capable of helping others come out of their grief while maintaining our own stability... - Dimplebhai Mehta