Teamwork BACK

Dear friends, If one wants to win a game of cricket or football, or complete large projects on time, or successfully execute large events, the most significant factor in accomplishing all of this is teamwork. I am sure you must have heard about teamwork often. But, if we were to put it simply, teamwork means to successfully accomplish a task by collaborating with people who have different experiences and skill sets. It seems easy. However; in reality, you must have experienced that while working in a team, you may not have achieved the desired results because of your inability to effectively use this special management tool, right? But you will not face such difficulties after reading this edition of Akram Youth. Because we are going to talk about an essential aspect of teamwork in a unique manner. Yes, with the modern concept of management and the practical understanding of the Gnani, I am confident that this understanding will not only make you a good team member, but will also make you a successful team leader. -Dimplebhai Mehta