Friends, While studying, I feel like going to play. While eating, I feel like watching TV. I feel like playing games on my mobile phone or watching YouTube videos all day. I don’t feel like talking to anyone. And so on… This must have happened to everyone at some point. And after we got this feeling, we must have done so many such things by following our mind, regardless of whether it was beneficial for us or in opposition to our goal. In those situations, it feels like the mind is in full control of us. Saints like Kabir have said, “Those who follow their mind lose everything.” From the Vedas, to philosophy and modern psychology, the mind has been described in great detail. Their conclusion is that the mind is man’s primary support for his entire life. If you want to achieve something, then the best way is to steady your mind or control it. But you will be amazed to know that the reality is completely different from these prevailing beliefs. What is the mind, which has so much influence on human life? Do you now feel like understanding the science of the mind? Then come, in this issue of Akram Youth, let’s recognize the true form of the mind and learn the skills to deal with it. Read it before you change your mind… - Dimplebhai Mehta