What will people say? BACK

Sometimes certain events in our life put us in a dilemma and we question ourselves that, ‘Am I doing the right thing? Am I making a mistake? What if I am not successful in the field that I have chosen? Will the world abandon me due to path that I have chosen?’ Many such thoughts arise, especially in your youthful years. Do you know what is the root cause of these questions? No, you may not know. So, let me explain. The root cause of all these is just one fear that, “What will people say?” But friends, if you read the autobiography of all great men, you will find one similarity in all of them. That distinct similarity is, they all made efforts with strong determination to achieve their goals. If they had given precedence to the thought that, “What will people say?”, they would have never achieved success. I am confident that this Akram Youth edition will guide you to become free of this imaginary fear of “What will people say?” and will help you to progress towards your goals in life. - Dimplebhai Mehta