Question 33

33) બધા કહેતાં હોય છે being human તો human કોને કહેવાય?

Human કોને કહેવાય? સુખ આપ્યું હોય એને સુખ આપે ,દુઃખ આપ્યું હોય એને દુઃખ આપે ,આવો વ્યવહાર કરે એ મનુષ્યપણું કહેવાય. પોતાનું સુખ બીજા ને આપી દે ,પોતાને માટે નિર્માણ થયેલું સુખ, પોતાને જરૂર છે છતાં બીજાને આપી દે એ superhuman કહેવાય.

33) Badha kehta hoi che being human to human kone kehvai?

Human kone kehvai? Sukh aapyu hoi ene sukh aape, dukh aapyu hoi ene dukh aape, aavo vyavhar kare ee manushyapanu kehvai. Potanu sukh bija ne aapi de, potane mate nirman thayelu sukh , potane jarur che chata bija ne aapi de ee shuperhuman kehvai.


33) Everyone keep on saying " being human" , I want to understand exactly who is known as a human?

Ans: A person who gives happiness to those who have given him happiness and he doesn’t hurt those who have caused him suffering. Practicing this kind of behaviour is verily humane. The one who gives away his happiness to others, the very happiness that came his way and even though he himself needs it, he gives it away to others, is known as a superhuman.

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