Let the mind create problem while taking a decision. It might show possibility of a negative result. Even then go ahead. We should seek the advice of an elder brother or parents if necessary. Don’t remain inactive and sit upon a problem. We must take action and face the problem if need be. Otherwise we won’t get over this Nature ever. As we go out from here and we don’t know the way, we may ask for direction to a few people. Couple of them might misguide us, it is ok. Someone will definitely show the correct way. Thus, Nature will bring us to the correct path, through trial and error. But if we don’t move out at all with the fear of facing problems, our journey will never begin. Let the problem come. These cricketers go to play and may lose. Even the best batsman gets out for a duck (0). But he learns and from it and may win next time. Such things happen in life. We may falter to recover time and again. Just play it blind and you will find another link to follow!