Actually it will take only 15 minutes to recite whole Charan Vidhi. But you will gain lots of inner strength. You may think that you have lost 15 minutes. In fact you will gain 2 hours worth of study time and that is a big difference. If you perform this you will really benefit. In fact we waste a lot of time here and there in useless activities every day. We waste time playing and then think we don’t have time. Secondly, we have not understood the importance of Charan Vidhi. If that were known, you would recite.  You spend three hours waiting to get ‘tips’ from your sir because that may prove beneficial. Likewise, these are ‘tips’ for the inner progress, that you may not be able to figure out now. But it works ‘inside’ and yields positive results. So rather than worrying over 15 minutes time loss, just start the Charan Vidhi process and you will complete it in no time!