At first, start attending Satsangs. Carry on trying with positive attitude. Life has to go on. Such things will always crop up. There is no need to get nervous. If we maintain positivity and keep on trying we will definitely get better chances in future. On the contrary, we may drive out positive factors if we get lost in negativity. We can at best apply positive efforts. Result is not in our hand. It’s a result of Scientific Circumstantial Evidence. So whenever negative thought appears, chant Dada’s ‘Asim Jai Jaikar’ for few minutes and ask for strength. You can study life incidents of great personalities to know how much they struggled in their life to achieve success.
Recently, a case study on the life of Nelson Mandela, famous personality from South Africa, revealed lots of sufferings he went through, but still, he remained resilient and faced it bravely. We get charged up and inspired knowing such facts. In fact, there is no difficulty as such. The suffering arises because of comparison with others. If you want to compare, then do it with those who are less fortunate than us and not with those who have good jobs. Look at the people who are struggling day and night just in order to survive and fulfill their necessities. You will realize we are in fact better placed. So maintain positivity and forget comparison.