When it happens  again, introspect! Why is it that we remain negatively biased? We are not negative when someone is all praise for us. So try to find out, has anything happened that is not as per our liking? In fact, things happen according to our karmic account. In case of ‘punya (merit) karmas’, all happens as per our liking whereas in case of ‘paap (demerit) karmas’ , all happens against our liking. In that case, what’s the point of feeling negative for the persons who are basically just a part of the whole situation as one of the evidence only(nimit)? Our negative approach will only bind new ‘paap karmas’ because the other person is actually a Shuddhatma. Moreover, if we retrospect any event, we will realize why we are not given due credit in certain matters! It is because we don’t have sufficient credit of ‘punya’.  In spiritual terminology,  ‘yash-naam-karma’ means one gets credit for work completed, irrespective of whether he has actually done anything significant or not.

Despite all your best efforts, when you don’t get the praise, understand that you lack in merit karmas. So the best way to move out of this situation is to understand that things happen as per our karmic account and not as per our free will.

See ‘Pure Soul’ in all beings and don’t feel negative for them. In case any bad thoughts arise, do pratikaman instantly. That will help erase your negativity. Let’s adopt the policy of “Live and let live”. We should not expect others to follow our way of thinking. Give freedom to everybody. That’s the best way to attain peace.