If you are sincere in your work, it will definitely yield positive results, at some point of time. There is no need to worry about not being able to contribute to your family. If you refer to the lives of successful personalities you will find they too had to toil hard initially and found success only after the age of 40 or so. Of course you may find a few cases wherein they might have succeeded early in life but those are mere exceptions. So it is better we sincerely continue working and stop thinking about the future as that won’t lead us anywhere. Apply your best efforts and be sincere to your job then you are bound to get dividends. Not getting satisfactory returns, can be due to the results of past ‘karmas’. What should one do to break free from these past ‘karmas’? One should perform ‘vidhi’, ‘aarti’ and chant ‘Aseem Jai jaikar’ besides attending satsang on regular basis for peace of mind. Applying Dadashri’s ‘Gnan’ is akin to addressing one’s own soul. Doing all this shall have a positive impact, which in turn shall help generate peace. This shall limit the ill effects of intellect and ego, further reducing the effect of past ‘obstacles’ (antray). Lesser the obstacles better the circumstances shall be. Dadashri has said, Goddess Laxmi avoids the places where there are clashes and conflicts and if our mind is full of conflicts then Laxmiji shall refrain from coming to us. So instead of getting restless it’s better to accept whatever we get .If we are at peace, things will change and better opportunities will crop up.