We should repent for that and remain strong. Their idea is such that they would want to form a group and make you feel as if you are not a part of it. Yet we should remain firm and not get influenced by them and at the same time do ‘pratikaman’. The moment we leave from there they won’t have any issues. We need to do ‘pratikraman’ if we have hurt them and are unable to overcome those thoughts even on reaching home. Do you understand? They might spread rumors about us for a while but they will forget about it once they reach home.

We should never proclaim or boast that we are followers of ‘Dada Bhagwan’ and we believe in certain set of principles. In case they start teasing you about it, then tell them that there are a certain set of rules that are laid down by your parents and you would be in trouble if somebody sees you going to a movie or a party. If they are smoking and ask you to join them then you should boldly state that you are not allowed to smoke and have been very strictly told to refrain from it. Yet if they persist then tell them that once you were caught smoking and even at this age got a good thrashing from your father. Then they shall stop bothering you about it. If you maintain your sincerity they too shall learn from you. You should strongly tell them. Rest all is fine but there are certain matters where you need to draw a line as it has created problems at home in the past. Your parents have sent you to study and even after years if they were to know that you have fallen into bad habits then it will be very painful for them. Once you fall into bad company then you are doomed forever. So it’s better to keep away from bad company. You can tell them that you are an all-rounder and in case they need your help then you are always available but ever try to coax you into such bad habits. Whenever you happen to be in a new place never tend to make friends from day one, instead observe those around you and then take a call whether that person is  ultured and civilized and worthy to be a friend.