You should not have any such fear. Who should you be afraid of and why, when you don't want to hurt anybody? Besides, when you don't want to do anything neither wrong nor wish to steal, then why should you be afraid of people? Dada says, 'The only fear one should have, is the fear of doing wrong deeds or hurting others'. You should avoid doing that to others which you would not like to be done to you. For example, if you do not like getting scolded, then you too should not get angry with others. If you don't like anybody stealing your money, then you too should avoid stealing.

Some people might approve of what you have to say or suggest, while others may not. If someone tells you 'you are incompetent' and you tend to withdraw from that activity, then when will you make progress? Instead you should listen to that person's view and put across your own view so as to convince that person of the righteousness of your activity and why you are doing it. Besides, has anyone ever become perfect?

You can always progress if you know your own strengths and weaknesses and plan accordingly. But if you remain fearful, then you will simply falter. If you are unable to fulfill a task successfully, then too do not feel defeated. Giving up will not help you accomplish anything. You may face failure but you must not be afraid of it.