First and foremost, an ideal student should have sincerity. Sincerity will help him hold on to the goal of gaining knowledge and also give him the power to refrain from falling into the trap of bad company.

Next, to attain the goal he should prepare a schedule so that he can allot sufficient time to each subject and thereby do justice to his overall development. Also one should be humble, simple and straightforward besides having an attitude of helping other students in their studies. Knowledge always excels in the lap of humility. One cannot attain knowledge without being humble because grace and blessings of one's parents and guru are of utmost importance for one's progress. A student who does not respect his teacher or sees his negatives can never make substantial progress because finding faults in the person who is instrumental in one's progress will hamper his development. He should sincerely follow the teacher's instructions and should not act according to his own whims and intellect as by doing so he would become 'swachandi' which shall result in his own downfall.

A Good student should always have faith in his teacher and conviction for his goal. His faith itself shall help him progress. Knowledge increases when shared so by helping others, one's own knowledge intensifies. If a good student strives to maintain celibacy, his grasping power intensifies whereas immoral behavior weakens his grasping power. A good student should be straight forward and free from greed and covetousness.

If a good student possesses the above mentioned virtues, he can make remarkable progress.