You have created obstacles; that is why you don't get all of these. In your previous life, you must have insulted and forsaken some good friends; that is why you don't have good friends now. In your previous life, you must have called somebody 'idiot', somebody 'stupid'. So in this life your own intellect gets affected and you can't remember what you study and despite your efforts do not get good marks. In your previous birth, you must have interfered and stopped somebody from receiving some items of his choice. Now, even though you want a mobile, you are unable to get it due to the 'obstacles' you have caused.

To stop these hurdles and to break these obstacles (antray), you have to do 'Pratikraman', thereby washing away the obstacles you had created for others. You make amendments for all these mistakes. Be noble towards all, help them, don't give sufferings to anybody. If someone is giving something to another person some item of his choice, do not stop him from doing so. When someone receives something, we should feel happy about it and not cause any hurdles.

Always speak positively about all and never speak negatively; then you will be able to break all your obstacles. One can break 'antray' with strong determination and by remaining in proximity to the Gnani.