Firstly, try to place yourself in your mom’s position and check it out for yourself how would you feel? Secondly, try to understand the true motive in what she is saying. Try to understand her viewpoint that why does she need to speak so much? Next try and find our mistake so that it is not repeated and she does not have to tell us about it. The feeling that she keeps on bickering can be overcome when we shall try to understand the underlying intent of her talks. Then instead of finding it useless it shall help find our follies. This shall also help us develop a lot of positive strength which can prove beneficial in the future. To feel irritated thinking that she keeps on bickering all the time and to talk back is a big weakness. Whatever a mother does for her child is something which can never ever be repaid by anyone in this world. Make sincere efforts to understand what’s in her heart, what are her feelings for us.