Simandhar City, with the goal of spreading Dada’s Akram Vignan, has always encouraged volunteers from all over to world to come there and provide seva. Well, this intention just reached the next level! SERVE, or Seva Exposure Raising Volunteer Experience, is an official volunteer program set up to help guide people world-wide, who would like to come to Simandhar City for a temporary seva experience, make their dreams a reality.


By gaining exposure to the various departments that Simandhar City has to offer, we hope to make it a learning and enjoyable experience for all volunteers. SERVE consists of a formal application process, interview process, selection process, on-boarding process, and commencement process (certification & credit). So, if you've always had the urge to travel, explore spiritual roots, provide seva by giving back, and have the time, fill out the SERVE application after reading the guidelines below! You’ll be embarking upon a great new journey.

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1) SERVE will be accepting applications for volunteers 18+ years of age

2) Applicants will be thoroughly reviewed before getting notified if they are selected for SERVE

3) The program provides 3 opportunities depending on the time frame the volunteer will be available for seva in Simandhar City:

- Temp: Up to 1 month (temporary)

- Intern: Between 1-6 months (short-term)

- Co-op: Over 6 months (long-term)

Selected candidates will be placed in one of the three seva options below depending on their preferences:

- Rotational: Rotate through different departments for seva

- Fixed: Have a fixed department for seva

- Fixed but Rotational: Have a fixed department for a specific time period after which switch to a new fixed department

- Candidates should engage in sincere seva while in Simandhar City and take their work seriously

- SERVE is an unpaid program, just based on voluntary services

Please review and fill out the application below. For any questions or concerns regarding SERVE, please feel free to contact Looking forward to hearing from you!

So, are you ready to SERVE?
Application form: Download here