YMHT’is an acronym for ‘Young MaHaTma'. These are youth, one of us, who are inspired by the principles of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan and want to live their lives in alignment with values like morality, sincerity, non-violence, loving & helping others and devote their time to advance in their spiritual growth. 


‘Mahatma’ means ‘Great Soul’. You must be familiar with   this term – it is most popularly used as an honorific for  Mahatma Gandhiji, the Father of India. Now you might ask  yourself: Why are we calling ourselves ‘Great Souls’? Wehave not done anything great?

 Dadashri has said that each one of His followers (spiritual  seekers, who have taken Gnan vidhi) have been gifted with the knowledge of the ‘Self’ and they sincerely  continue to follow the spiritual principles laid out by   Him and hence are to be considered ‘Great Souls’ or Mahatmas.

  Greatness is to realize our own true infinite potential. When we come to an awareness of our own Real Self (Pure Soul), the powerhouse of infinite inner strength, we therefore become a ‘Mahatma’. Since Dadashri awakens that realization in all His followers, He gave us the moniker of a ‘Mahatma’.

And even if you have not been exposed to the ‘Gnan Vidhi’ process, but as long as you have the firm intention to follow Dadashri’s principles and advance spiritually, you are a soon-to-be Mahatma. 

In practice YMHT is for youth in the age-group of 13 to 21 years. They gather every alternate Sundays of the month and follow a well-planned, designed Session, delivered by Coordinators encircling Dadashri’s spiritual science ‘Akram Vignan’ and scientific understanding imparted. This knowledge is passed on with the help of various interactive methods like: Group discussions, Presentations, Book reading, Role play (dramas), real life situations, activities, games, prayers and so on. The topics are derived from difficulties faced in their daily life to get solutions on how to resolve the conflicts, by not hurting others and remain in permanent happiness, thereby increasing the realization of self. 

 In all there are more than 50 YMHT Centers across the globe, with its presence in almost all Continents like India (Asia), USA, UK & Germany (Europe), Australia & NZ and Kenya (Africa). Total 5,000+ Youth are attached to Dada Bhagwan Parivar activities.