Akram Challenge: Keep Calm and Pray On!!

In times of emotional or physical hardship, it's easy to feel helpless. Prayer is a wonderful thing as it can provide us and the world with comfort and hope that better times are just around the corner. As Pujyashree suggested, let’s take some time to do the Jagat Kalyan Bhavna for the well being of all living beings in the universe. In order to help in a positive way, the GNC team has thought of this Akram Challenge. 


The goal for the challenge is to:

1. Pick a language of your preference

2. Record yourself on sel jagatkalayanbhavna fie mode while singing Dada’s “Jagat Kalyan Ni Bhavna”

3. Nominate minimum  3 other Mahatmas. Tag and upload the video to your facebook, youtube, Instagram, etc. 

Remember to use #jagatkalayanbhavna and #akramchallenge in the description. 


Let’s keep this positive chain of prayer going. TAG! You’re it!

 Watch Akram Challenge videos... 

Jai Satchitanand and stay safe 🙏🏻