What is common sense? Common sense is, “applicable everywhere is it theoretically or practically”. I have not seen such common sense in anyone. Common sense is a key that is applicable everywhere. It can unlock even the rustiest locks (help solve the most difficult problems). Otherwise, even a new and good locks will not open (even the simplest of problems cannot be resolved). If you can deal with the worst of men, then you have common sense. Otherwise, people talk without common sense; they have no understanding at all.


A person having common sense shall be able to adjust everywhere. He will adjust even with those who abuse him, he will say, “No problem, come and sit down”. Thus common sense is required. But generally one will walk around with a sulking (risavu: upset and non – communicative) face if someone tells him, “You do not have any sense”. Hey! Do you not have common sense? Why do you have to sulk just because someone says this to?  You tend to think, ‘I have a lot of sense’, don’t you? Just look at you! You are nothing but a ‘sack of sense’! No one will give you even 25 paise for your ‘sack of common sense’ and yet you needlessly fret over it. A sensible person will adjust everywhere. There is a shortage of common sense in the current time cycle.

A man with common sense is able to understand and settle differences even with a street vendor. What kind of people get into fights? A person with no sense ruins things everywhere he goes. Is there any benefit in fighting with someone without knowing the facts; without knowing the circumstances that caused the poor fellow to make the mistake?

Questioner: No it does not, it only causes harm.

Dadashri:  So those who do not have common sense, start fights. And when they fight, that is the end. It brings an end to the relationship between the two.

That is why I tell you that if you spend time with people, if you get acquainted with them, it will create affection in their hearts for you. When you discuss things you can pick up on people’s experiences and by doing so, your common sense will increase. By mixing with people and moving around with them, your common sense will increase.

Questioner: If a person had common sense, would he not be ableto find solutions to everything? 

Dadashri: He would be able to solve all kinds of problems; he would be able to solve all the worldly entanglements.

Questioner: Does he have any conflicts?

Dadashri: There will be fewer conflicts. Common sense reduces conflicts.

Questioner: Does that mean that wherever there are conflicts, there is no common sense?

Dadashri: It’s not like that, but in that case one can assume that common sense is reduced.

Questioner: But who, with the exception of a Gnani, can stay away from such conflicts?

Dadashri: There won’t be any conflict where there is common sense. A person with common sense will fix relationships immediately; even when something goes wrong he will be able to turn things around. It will not take him long to do so. That is common sense. It is ‘applicable everywhere’.

Straight should be rumble. Do not know if we should change from straight to rumble.

Questioner: Does common sense increase when one becomes straight (saral)?

Dadashri: Yes, it increases a lot. Straight people are easily deceived, but in the process their common sense will also increase a great deal. Someone may cheat a straight person by charging him more money but in return his common sense will increase. Nothing in this world happens without the exchange of give and take. An exchange of one kind or another will inevitably take place.

Questioner: Common sense is applicable everywhere, right? So then, how does one get cheated?

Dadashri: A person gets cheated due to being straight forward and having lack of excess intellect. He may not get cheated often but might be cheated a few times. However, his common sense will blossom when he gets cheated. He will realize that he gets cheated in certain circumstances and so his common sense will continue to increase.  

Questioner: Does common sense increase from all the clashes that occur if a person knows how to extract the essence (taaran – a quick internal assessment, the bottom line in any situation) of the event of the clash?

Dadashri: Such a person comes to a quick critical assessment because of selflessness. The selfish person will have no clue at all and he will not be able to evaluate it at all. Many such events will occur that may give him the opportunity to evaluate critically and develop spiritually within, but alas all these situations are wasted (lost ‘free of cost’). Many such events occur but the world forgets, whereas, the one who is selfless is able to learn very quickly due to his ability to see and conclude decisively through quick critical internal assessment. The ‘taaran’ simply happens.

All those who have a highly developed intuition can be attributed as having common sense. Highly developed intuition is nature’s blessing. There might be some whose intuitive power is fully developed but may lack intellect.