Questioner: Many a times I feel depressed.

Niruma: What makes you feel depressed?

Questioner: My results. I am always worried about my performance.

Niruma: Do you study or not?


Questioner: Yes I do. But yet get depressed.

Niruma: But results are never in your hands. What can one do about it?

Questioner: I am always under the tension about how must I have fared.

Niruma: Once we submit our answer sheets then it’s not in our hands. While answering the paper give it your best. But after that just relax and enjoy. Shall see when we get the results. Depression is just a waste of time and energy. While preparing for the examinations you should study with all your heart, without any tensions. Do not worry about ifs and buts. You shall automatically perform well and get good results. Bear one more thing in mind that whatever I am doing I am surrendering it all to Dada.

Questioner: I study very sincerely but during examinations cannot recollect the matter easily?

Niruma: Forget about examinations but one tends to forget immediately after studying. Many have a habit of studying by reading aloud infact they read so loudly that every member of the household can hear it yet on completion when asked, what did you learn? Then they won’t remember a single thing. But on the other hand when asked about a cricket match they would remember everything, how many sixes and fours did Tendulkar hit, they can even recollect which wicket fell at what score.

When I was young I too used to remember everything, just like you, but along with that I would also remember everything that I would have studied. To remember everything about cricket while forgetting about studies is only due to keen interest in cricket. Aren’t you interested? Although we might not even know how to hold a cricket bat properly but there is this strong desire that I too will be like Tendulkar. The same desire is not to be found in studying. One is not interested in studies. For the one who has interest in studies there are no such issues as they can remember everything on reading it once. For those who are not interested in studying their ‘chit’ tends to wander off to the match being telecast on television even while studying. One cannot remember while studying with the ‘chit’ wandering off, but on studying with concentration there is nothing to worry about.

Questioner: Then what needs to be done to prevent the ‘chit’ from wandering off?

Niruma: We should chant ‘DADA BHAGWAN NA ASEEM JAY – JAYKAR HO’ prior to studying. Dada Bhagwan is not an individual but our own soul. We should chant thus for 10 minutes with complete awareness. While chanting we should close our eyes and it should be done in such a manner that we are able to read every letter, ‘D-A-D-A-B-H-A-G-W-A-N-N-A-A-S-E-E-M-J-A-Y-J-A-Y-K-A-R-H-O.’ Do this for only 10 minutes, that’s shall suffice. Try this and see how you fare in your examinations.