Parents are parents. In this whole world the most deserving people of your ‘Seva’ are one’s parents. Will you serve them?

Questioner: Yes, I do so. I help them with household chores.

Dadashri: Well, those things can be done by keeping a paid servant too.


Questioner: But one has to spend money in that case.

Dadashri: Then don’t they spend money for your needs. Don’t they spend while clothing you, feeding you? What did you do in that case? What can be termed as true ‘Seva’? If they are in pain and their legs ache, we massage their legs at the moment, that kind of help …..

Questioner: Yes, I do that.

Dadashri: You do that?! Good! What shall you do for your parents when you reach adulthood?

Questioner:  I shall do their ‘Seva’.

Dadashri: One who tends to find faults with one’s parents can never be at peace with oneself. He might be well off financially but can never make spiritual progress in life. One should never find faults in ones parents. How can we ever forget their obligations? We should not forget the obligation for as trivial a matter as someone offering us a cup of tea then how can we ever think of forgetting our parent’s obligations?

Did you understand? Well …. We should feel highly indebted to them. Serve them properly. One should do genuine ‘Seva’ of both father and mother. Just in case if they were to offend us, then what should we do? Ignore that, if they were to offend us, as they are much elder to us! Or should you too offend them? 

Questioner: One shouldn’t react by offending them. But what if that happens? What if one makes that mistake?

Dadashri: Well, in that case you are to be blamed, you are at fault. If you happen to hurt them then you should do ‘pratikraman’ for that folly. How can one hurt them? You should bear in mind that ‘I have come to give them happiness’. ‘Where did I err that I have caused them to grieve’.

Keep them happy. Don’t they strive to keep you happy? Do they wish to keep you happy or don’t they?

Questioner: This young generation should do ‘Seva’ of their guru as well their parents. In case if one is not sincere in doing ‘Seva’ of one’s parents then what life form does he bind for his subsequent birth?

Dadashri: Serving one’s parents who have given him birth is the most supreme Seva. This is followed by the ‘Seva’ of one’s guru. Seva of ‘Guru’ and Parents should be done unfailingly. In case the guru is not worthy of it then one should withdraw from doing his ‘Seva’.

Questioner: But what about those who are not doing ‘Seva’ of their parents as of now?  What subsequent life form shall they get?

Dadashri: Those who do not do ‘Seva’ of their parents can never be happy during this lifetime. What shows that one is truly serving his parents? When one truly serves his parents he does not face any sufferings during his lifetime. As a result of serving them one will never even have to face any obstacles.

This science of our India is very beautiful. That’s exactly why the philosophers have given utmost importance to the ‘Seva’ of one’s parents. This can lead to financial security for the whole lifetime. Now whether that is true to the dot or not is a point of debate but one should definitely serve one’s parents.

Dadashri: So henceforth do their ‘Seva’ with sincerity. You won’t get such opportunities frequently. If a person says ‘I am unhappy’, then I advise him to serve his parents well as a result of which he will not undergo any sufferings. Although one might not be able flourish financially but at least he will not undergo suffering. Next is one’s religion. This in itself is called religion.

I too had served my mother well. I was twenty years old then, full of life and energy and had served her well. Had carried my father on my shoulders, had served him thus.

By serving one’s parents one reaps immediate dividends. God is not to be seen, while parents are very much visible.  Where can one see God? While one’s parents can be seen.

Serving the elders makes one progress on the path of spiritual science. How can one serve idols? Do the legs of these idols ever ache? It is one’s parents, elders and guru whom should one render ‘Seva’.

In this world we are highly indebted by the obligations of three persons. We should never forget that. Father, Mother and Guru! Those people who have guided us on the path of development. We should never forget their contribution.

  Aptasutra 223: A true son is the one who relives his father from all his worries. Dadashri