Remember your parents LOVE you and they are trying the best they can to show that. 

Listen to what your parents are saying and genuinely say your sorry. Try to fix that mistake you made. Don't scream at your parents, and if you do, apologize afterwards. Try to see things from their point of view, too. They're probably doing the best they can, and they want you to be happy, so cut them some slack.

Let us see what Gnani say's.......

Dadashri: Does your mom ever yell at you?

Questioner: Rarely, Scolds

Dadashri: Rarely? Only when you get lucky and what about your dad, does he ever yell at you?


Questioner: Yes.

Dadashri: Is that so! Well then out of the two who do you think should be able to yell at you?

Questioner: Both of them should be able to yell at me.

Dadashri: Both of them! I feel it might be your dad who might be justified to yell at you and not your mom.

Questioner: Both of them are justified to yell at me. Anyway whatever either one of them tells me it is for my own good. But why is it like that? I don’t like being told off by them.

Dadashri: You don’t like it when a Doctor prescribes you a bitter medicine either?

Questioner: I have no choice; I have to take it no matter what.

Dadashri: Similarly you have to take this too. Even if you don’t like it you still have to take it. Take it (accept their words) if you want to improve your health. Otherwise, tell them, ‘don’t you ever tell me a single word henceforth’.

Questioner: Are parents always right?

Dadashri: Accept that they are always right. To find out the truth, we’ll have to hire a judge! He’ll charge us $ 5000 just to find out whether they are right or not! Instead we should accept that they are right.  At least we won’t need to hire a judge. Who do you retort to your mom or dad?

Questioner: Sometimes I end up talking back to my mom.

Dadashri: Oh! So your mom doesn’t have that impact on you? Now it doesn’t look decent if you talk back to her. Do you like talking back to her?

Questioner: No. But I still don’t understand any of these things.

Dadashri: Come to me and I will clarify it by giving an example about it. What is the reason behind it? All these things are the beliefs of one’s mind. One person might enjoy going for a stroll in the garden while the other might not like strolling in the garden. One person might never get tired of watching cricket matches, while some other would say, “What’s the fun in playing cricket?” These are mere unyielding thoughts, wrong beliefs.

Questioner: No, many times she guides me as a friend yet sometimes I tend to disobey her. That’s when I end up upsetting her. Whenever the parents tell us something, within our hearts we know for sure that whatever they are saying is the truth. But then our ego gets bruised and won’t allow us to accept whatever they have to say.

Dadashri: Do whatever you want to, but after taking my permission. I’ll permit you to do whatever you want too. If you don’t ask for permission from your parents then consult me about it and do so. I won’t mind it. I won’t yell at you. I won’t lecture you in any way. Did you understand? If you got stuck up unnecessarily then who can pull you out?

Questioner:  Dada, you can do that.

Dadashri: Yes. But if you end up in some awkward situation then I’ll also get in trouble so it’s best you avoid those awkward situations. If it’s possible you should reduce all those types of nuisances as much as possible. If you are stuck somewhere I will free you. I can do everything!