In this world who is the most 'Punyashali'?

Dadashri: That one who is unassociated with any sort of bad company, who is afraid of committing sinful deeds. This is great knowledge!

       One creates paap (sin; or demerit karma) through kusang and these in turn will sting you. With free time, one encounters kusang. In kusang he squanders away valuable time in useless talks and gossips and this creates 'stains' (paap). All the misery in the world is because of these 'stains'. What right does one have to talk about anyone else? He has to look after his own affairs. Whether another person is happy or unhappy, what does it have to do with you? But here one even gossips about the king. He talks about things that have absolutely nothing to do with him and this creates abhorrence and jealousy, and these are the very causes of his misery. The Lord tells us to become vitarag. In reality, you are vitarag, so why harbor raag-dwesh? There is nothing but raag-dwesh if you become one with the name, the relative self, the non-self, and if you become one without name (anami), the Self, then you become a vitarag.

How to spend your Punya?

Questioner: Dadaji, you said that whatsoever we have got in this life is exactly as per design we have drawn? Please explain what's this design?


Dadashri: Design means a pre-determined will through intellect that “I want this” or “I need that” and “I don't want this” Likewise, it's like a filled up “document of desires” wherein you make a list of wishes to be fulfilled. Punya karma is then spent on this account to get those wishes fulfilled.

       One gentleman asked me, “Dadaji, how come it so happens that all your wishes are getting fulfilled and you find situations favorable to you all the time? You do satsang at will and perform worldly acts also comfortably?” It was then that I clarified what mistakes people generally do. People, while filling up the document of desires, may be out of ignorance, ask for a wife like this, kids at least two, a bungalow, a motor car, etc . Then that will consume 85% of the 'punya karma' you have gathered or accumulated. So whatever 10 to 15% is left over, you have sought if for religion or spiritual purposes. Whereas what I did was that I allocated 95% for spiritual purpose and only 5% for the balance worldly needs.