Questioner: I want to understand about 'Laxmi' [Money]. Does it come with hard work or does one earn it through intellect?

Pujyashri: At every stage, Dadashri has provided beautiful classification about the Law of ‘Laxmi’ i.e. money matters. We normally believe that one begets money by hard work, through intellect or intelligence. Don't we see these laborers toiling under severe heat? They work hard from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, for 10 to 12 hours. These employers hardly work and yet they earn more, whereas the laborers earn little. If you consider intellect, then the secretary or the C.A. are more intelligent than the boss. The boss makes them juggle money matters and they earn less money than the boss. So, Dadashri has rightly said that

[money does not come to you either through hard work or intellect. really speaking. It is due to good deeds done in your past birth!]

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In your last birth, whatever religious deeds you have done, service towards mankind, acts of charity, whatever little happiness you may have given to others, all these are credited as your good deeds account in the next birth, and as a result, you keep on getting wealth. Dadashri has revealed each principle of wealth: Even if you run after money, your share won’t be increased by even a single paisa. You will get only that much that lies to your credit as per past birth’s built up balance. Similarly, whatever unethical or dishonest dealings you will adopt, it will not get you one paisa more. On the other hand if you don’t bother about obtaining wealth, it’s level may not diminish. Against all these factors which way should people go? They should turn towards self-realization and seek the Pure Soul, how to break their worldly shackles and progress in religion and devote their time here. In that case they can get free from disturbing thoughts about moneymaking. Everybody must have experienced that nobody wishes to undergo loss in money matters and yet it happens. BY the same law you may still make profit if you don’t desire –and this is a fact! Dadashri has experienced and delivered these conclusions. Dadashri has thus revealed us the extract of the ‘gnan’ he had experienced in the subject. Money are more intelligent.