The reverence for life is the key. We feel respect for other's life and feel sadness when we find people in misery. We are fortunate that we inherit the legacy of those who have evolved to greatness by reverence and feeling well being of other live forms. Jesus has said, “service for man is service to god”. Dadashri emphasized “There is pure soul in every living being and we must ensure no one should be hurt in slightest form.” Furthermore, Dada has gone a step ahead- “Whatever happiness and bliss that has been bestowed on me should be experienced by all who come in my contact”. This is greatness.

Glimses Of Gerat Soule Nov15

Gandhiji was a barrister and a successful person. His life style was also suitably matched to its profession. He used to travel in 3rd class in trains in order to feel and understand the trouble and miseries of common men and make them also feel as if he is one of them. In one such case while he was travelling - it was a hot afternoon and the train got stuck over a bridge due to some technical fault. It was about to take some time for repairs and people got down from the train and walked down to the river to freshen up. Gandhiji too went down and approached the river, bent himself and started washing his face with water with both hands. While doing so he noticed there was a poor woman washing clothes some distance away. He noticed the women had no sufficient clothes to wear to cover her full body and was trying to cover it up somehow or other. Tears came to Gandhiji's eyes. The incidence left a permanent mark in his heart and from then on he decided to give up all his lavish clothes and started wearing only 2 pieces of covering that we call Dhoti and Khes (replacement of pants and shirts) for the rest of his life. Such was his greatness that he wished that all people should have sufficient cloths to wear and till such time he would remain as if he is a amongst one of them. Truly, Bapu has justified each and every word of the famous Bhajan - “Vaishnav jan to tene kahiya je pid parayi jane re”. (Those who understands the pain and sufferings of others are called Vaishnav in true sense and spirit.)