We all know our respected Gandhiji for his teachings, his pursuit for spiritualism and for truth and his unbound devotion, love and care for mankind. Let us all revisit a few episodes of his life and inspire ourselves as much as we can.

Gandhiji, in his childhood, was very much like us, and he too made mistakes. But what made him great was his approach to life. He would learn from his mistakes, find solutions and make sure that he never repeated the same in his life. Such is the attitude of extraordinary people. So, let us take a look at his life…

Gandhiji’s full name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. During the British rule, when Gandhiji was young, a boy asked him “Do you know why we are ruled by the British?” to which Gandhiji had no answer. So, the boy said, “It is because they are meat eaters. So if we also eat meat then we will be able to drive them out”. Gandhiji was convinced with the answer but his family, being Gujarati, was strictly vegetarian. So he secretly tried eating meat outside. However, he disliked telling lies and deceiving his parents and so decided to never touch meat again.


Gandhiji was also driven into smoking for which he had to steal and incur debt. Later, in order to pay off the increased debt, he sold a piece of gold from the bracelet that his brother wore. But very soon his heart was filled with guilt and he took a vow that he would never steal again. He confessed his crime on a piece of paper to his father, who was then sick. As he read what Gandhiji had written, he took a sigh of relief and tore it to pieces without saying anything. Gandhiji’s face showed grief and tears rolled down his eyes. He had realized the power of truth. Since then, he developed a passion for telling truth. His love for his father went on increasing and he  served him in all possible ways. unfortunately, his father died when Gandhiji was sixteen.

Gandhiji’s elder brother decided to send him to England to become a barrister when Gandhiji passed his Matriculation exam and had already joined college. Before leaving, on his mother Putlibai’s request, he took a vow not to eat meat, not to drink and not to live an immoral life. 

He faced many hurdles when he first arrived in London in 1883. He starved until he found a vegetarian restaurant. He learned Latin and French, passed his examination and became a barrister.

So, see how his honesty towards his parents was developed in his childhood itself and this was what led him to the title of Mahatma. Today the entire world reveres him as Mahatma Gandhi. He has earned a special place in our hearts. So, let’s see what Dadashri has to say about him…

So let’s hear, what Dadashri has to say about him…

Dadashri - Each and every Indian child has enough power to shake the world but this strength remains dormant/hidden because of the effect of the current time cycle (i.e. Kaliyug). Otherwise they have tremendous power within themselves.

Questioner - But, shouldn’t there be a goal in life?

Dadashri - There should be. So give some belt (to the human engine). What would people say? “Hey you! Why are you just running the engine without any work? Give a belt to it so that you can get some work done.” Similarly, we have to give a belt to this human life and get some work done in this life. Everyone eats to live. Even these animals simply eat to live. But we (humans) have to get some work done. With this I mean where we want to go (in next life), in heaven or come back as a human and become someone like Gandhiji or go to Moksha (attain liberation), we have to give some belt like that. If you give a belt to your engine, then only you can get work done, isn’t it?

Questioner - In which category would you put Gandhiji? Sant Purush (Saintly person)?

Dadashri - Yes, he is a Sant Purush, a noble one. He was a great saint who did not live for himself. He neither lived for himself nor for his family. His life was a public estate (living for the welfare of people), it can be called a ‘public trust’. He wasn’t an ordinary Saint no matter whatever his attire was.

Questioner - He had an intense desire to serve people so he cannot be called Vitraag (one free from attachment and abhorrence), right?

Gandhi Jayanti - KidsAsGandhiji

Dadashri - Yes, he cannot be called Vitraag but he will become Vitraag. Within sometime (some other birth) he will experience Vitraagta as a result of his work (as Gandhiji) of serving others.

He has influenced many and is a role model for all. Let’s learn from him, and start leading a life free of vices (Smoking, Drinking, Meat Eating and Immoral behavior with the other gender). Also, let’s start a life based on helping others. Awaken the Gandhi in you!!!