Param Pujyashree Deepakbhai,

With due respect I would like to let you know of my experince. My name is Yashvi Nileshbhai Fultariya. I am currently studdying in morabi in grade 11 science.

On 4th June 2015 the results of SCC board exam came out, in which I came first in Gujarat board in 99.99 PR(95.83%). I attribute my success to Dada bhagwan, This is because sence childhood, whenever I sat down to stusy, for the first 10 minutea I would chat "DADA BHAGWAN NA ASIM JAY JAYKAR HO!" and only then would I start to read. This made my chitt calm and concentrated and i could easily remember what I had read. Even before writing a paper in the board exams. I kept up this routine of mine, due to which I atain success. 

Moreover when I was younger and whenever the teacher asked questions in class and I had confusion in answering the questions, then I would remember Dadashree and Niruma , and I would know the answers correcly. I am studying in grade 11 Science (B). And even in the future, please grace me so that I keep receiving you and Dada's blessings.

-Yahsvi Fultariya