YMHT has given me one of the most precious things I have ever received any time in my life. It is really hard to put my love and gratitude for YMHT into words. But I have tried my level best to express my feelings and thoughts in the form of a poem.

 Today there is something I would like to share with you, I was a person tied in Ropes and about coming out of it I had no clue!! Then entered in my life, my friend YMHT, Who not only cut my Ropes but also set me free.

 In my aimless life, I got a goal to Live, It isn't an exaggeration, you will have to Believe!

Enjoys Ymhtian 2

 For a tired person walking through a thirsty desert, YMHT is like a chilled glass of water, keeping him Fresh and Alert; There are “sisters” here who have unsullied Love and Care, They teach us great things like Avoid Clashes and Adjust Everywhere!

 Which session is the best, is hard to say, Every session taught us priceless lessons in its own way!

All the YMHT Shibirs are thresholds of Jackpots, That moulds us in all ways and nurtures our thoughts.

 Against all the Culprits within me, I have stood as a Brave Warrior, By doing this, I have progressed on the path towards my career. I thereby keep on praying everyday to Dadashri, Let all get this Beautiful Gift, Let all get a chance to make themselves free!