I was in my inter CA class, when I received 7 missed calls from senior officer of my CA’s office. Then I got a text message from another colleague informing that my senior was trying to contact me for a particular audit work. I was angry because the audit place was far away from my office and I was not informed well in advance about it.

With anger, I reached the office by 10.30 am. While going to the office several sorts of conflicts were going on within me. One part of me was blaming the senior colleague for not informing me in advance while the other was arguing that it is ‘vyavasthit’  (result of SCE).

The senior colleague came to the office by 11.00am. Till then I had been convinced that she was at fault that she does work in her own way and does not consider the inconvenience caused to others. When she arrived at the office, my face was full of anger and hatred.

Then she came up to me and said that as I was not informed in advance, she had postponed the audit. On hearing this, I felt guilty and ashamed for having negative thoughts about her. I did a lot of pratikraman for her, and resolved to always remain positive.

                                                                                                                                     Simandhar City YMHTian