When I was not attending satsangs, I would remain very tensed and worrisome before facing any major event such as inter-school competition, selection for any musical program etc. There was always an overriding fear, `whether I will be selected or not? What will happen if I get disqualified? How bad will be my impression?’ The fear of losing was troubling me a lot and it affected my studies too. It could be apparently seen in my behavior with others and I used to feel very sad within.

Overcoming Fear Factor Inner

I started attending satsangs and once it happened that was had a session on ‘fear’! There was mention in it that, “As we remain fearful the situation will not improve. On the contrary it worsens. Instead of being fearful, one should try to put the best of efforts performance.” Now I understand that I will be selected for audition if I am ‘destined’ to. I understood that fear of failure will worsen my chances of success and all I need is to put up my positive efforts. Thanks to satsangs that I got over this ‘fear’ factor and I am feeling very ‘happy’ now.

                                                                                                                                                      YMHTian, Rajkot