Friends, I would like to share my personal experience resulting from following pujyashri’s agna(directions), “No negativity in Simandhar City”!


I live in Simandhar City for almost a year. I am regularly attending YMHT sessions.  There were certain conflicts amongst the some members of the group and negative emotions started dwelling amongst them over a period of time. I being one of them started forming negative opinions about certain members. During those days we had a session on the subject “Negativity & Positivity”. According to homework given to us by Pujyashri, we were asked to write negatives of any person on a piece of paper and then against each negative we were required to write positive points as well. While writing down the negatives, I could not complete even one page, whereas for positives, I could write about 4-5 pages. I was surprised to note how had happened! Where did the energy come from? While thinking on the issue I realized that this was result of following Gnani’s guidance. From that moment onwards, I decided to drop all the negativity and heartily asked for forgiveness from my friends. While doing so I experienced bliss within me and from that day onwards I feel the warmth and share very heartly relationship with all my friends.

YMHT Girl, Simandhar City