Jai Sat Chit Anand Friends,

Below experience made me believe in Dada’s Gnan and Principle, hope it work for you all as well. Few years ago, my dad used to read Dada’s book and shared keys he learnt from it, but I used to ignore him as I did not believe in Dada’s Gnan.


During that period, I used to fight with my elder cousin brother and that could go on almost every day. However, I did not like fighting with him and wanted to be his good friend. So one fine day I asked my father, ‘Does Dada have any solution for this?’ He shared the concept of ‘Pratikraman’. Initially I did not believe it but I had no choice, to apply this medicine and end my fighting, so I gave it a try. I started doing ‘Pratikraman’ regularly and sincerely. Hey friends, you know what, it worked wonders for me! After few years when my cousin approached me, it was completely different; we talked with peace and were like friends who never had any problems before. This experience made me believe in Dada and his principles, from that day on, I started attending Satsang activities and YMHT group.

I would request all the readers to be a part of this mission to change your life!!

- Jay Marvania, YMHT, Mumbai