I in 8th grade in the Gnanmandir Gurukul of Dada Bhagwan Parivar @ Simandhar City. We are very fortunate to have Pujyashree visiting us every year. During Pujyashri's visit last year (in 2015), I had asked him a question regarding controlling my anger. He answered it saying, “When anger comes, just do pratikraman, it will slowly start decreasing.”

       Throughout the year, whenever someone would irritate me or not listen to me, I used to get angry instantly. But now, Pujyashree's words would automatically come into my mind and It would occur to me that I am making a mistake here. This would result in me immediately reverting back by doing pratikraman. But I would wonder several times that, “It was'nt my fault here. I must get angry on him! If I am not wrong then why should I bend?” At the time, I had no idea of how to implement gnan.

Pratikraman Feb 16 Inner

       This year, when Pujyashree visited us again, I requested him to solve his puzzle for me. He asked me, “To whom does this anger occur?” I replied “Nishant”. Then he said, “We must see why Nishant gets angry? ('See' Nishant's anger by being the 'Self') Search for the causes of anger and so you stop them from within, your anger will also stop. Just hold on to your Nishchay (firm determination)”

       Explaining further He said, “If we have to stop the fan from rotation then what should we do? Should we hold its blades by our hands or simply switch it off?” I said “Switch it off”. He further added, “Just as we can control the fan through the regulator, we need to find the causes of anger in order to control it. When we change the causes, anger will vanish on its own.” This way, Pujyashree explained how to eradicate the root cause of anger with such a practical example.

       Nishant Patel, Gnan Mandir-Trimandir Sankul.