The incident happened during my final examinations of Engineering. I was sitting in the classroom and answering my exam paper. The Supervisor instructed us to tie up the supplements 10 minutes before closing time. I overlooked this because I was totally engrossed in attending paper. So when the time was up the supervisor collected the papers from all the students.

 Praying To Shudhhatma Dec15 Inner F

When I went to him to give my papers, he did not accept because the supplements were untied. So he angrily flung them in the classroom. I picked up the thrown papers and humbly requested him to forgive me but he remained adamant. He threatened me to get me suspended for this misconduct. I pleaded: “Sir, I have not committed any breach of law. It is simply that I forgot to tie up the supplements. I will not repeat this mistake again.” Yet he was unmoved, and in front of all my classmates he dragged me to the Principal's office. At this point I started earnestly praying to the Shuddhatma (Pure Soul) within him. I prayed to him that please let Sir soften up and be kind otherwise my career will be ruined. Just as we reached the gate of Principal's office I once again made my last attempt “Sir, please forgive me”. To my surprise the supervisor softened up and accepted my papers saying, “Be careful next time” and he did let me go.

The episode didn't end here. Little while later, sir came out into the campus where I was having a chat with my friends. He heartily hugged me and in front of everybody asked for forgiveness saying, “I unnecessarily got so angry.” Then I said: “No Sir, it was my mistake. I should have given you my papers properly.” There was a happy ending to the whole issue. I would like to share this experience with my friends so that they know how effective it is to worship the pure soul within a person! It generates kindness and dismantles grudges and dislikes.

With all your heart, sincerely 'see' the Shuddhatma in the other person and directly pray to Shuddhatma. The effect is really divine!