Dada's Gnan is such that it can be experienced as you dig deep inside. It is not that you just follow and believe theoretically. It is practically achievable through proper scientific approach.

Rajkot YMHTian


The benefit of following Dada!

Initially I was good in studies and then gradually fell down. Then I came in contact with Dada's Akram Science and I took gnan. It was so much beneficial that my result suddenly improved and now I am doing very good. I feel totally recharged.

Surat YMHTian


I got solutions to my problems from the youth website of Dada Bhagwan. So my humble suggestion to all is that 'please have a study of this website. You will also find solutions to your problem positively.

Godhra YMHTian


First thing I noticed in Dada's world is unison (abhedta) towards all. I am deeply touched by the purity and self respect possessed by Pu. Niruma , Pujyashri and all Aptaputras. That inspired me to become one like them. My awareness have grown manifold and now I instantly realize when I commit a mistake. Faults have been minimized to a great extent.

Simandhar city YMHTian