Friends! We have heard experiences of many YMHTians and learnt many things from them. Do you know the secret of their progress? They follow the directions of Pujyashri Deepakbhai.

Pujyashris Virtues Inner

Let’s see what these virtues are that young stars see in Pujyashri that brought about changes in their lives drastically:

1. Pujyashri is very humble. He answers all questions patiently even though they are repeated number of times.

2. Pujyashri answers easily even the toughest questions.

3. Pujyashri is very positive, fresh and ever- smiling.

4. All worries vanish with the ‘darshan’ of Pujyashri. The sight of him pleases everyone.

5. Pujyashri adjusts to any situation very easily.

6. Whenever I am disturbed, I keep Pujyashri’s image in my ‘chit’. My tensions and worries immediately calm down.

7.Pujyashri’s knack of treating everyone alike, with his soft-speaking quality. [Abhedta]