Dada's Janma Jayanti at Gandhidham was approaching. One day, a meeting was held at the GNC office for allotting work. My name propped up in ‘Bal Vignan Bookstall’ department. I thought that I would have to sell books and CDs. Instead I was told to take up full responsibility of the entire department! How would I be able to manage this? I prayed to Dada for 'Shakti'.

   Rendered Without Selfish Motive Oct15 Outer On reaching the Janma Jayanti venue many thoughts were raging through my mind and things started happening. This was Dada's grace on me. Right from little children to adult 'Sevarthis', all put in their efforts and a beautiful area was set up. Among them there were several experienced senior citizens and I was hesitant whether they would accept my instructions. I needed a low ego, remain polite and don't thrust my ideas on them, All the volunteers provided unselfish service heartily. This resulted in good feedback from visitors as well as 'Mahatmas'. They watched the demonstrations calmly and took back some interesting lessons with them. Thus, my work and management at Gandhidham Janma Jayanti ended successfully.

    After some time I was told to prepare a report of the sale. Before this event, I had never handled expenses running into lakhs of rupees. In such cases, one normally finds a difference of Rs.1000/- or Rs.2000/-. Whilst tallying in my case there was a big difference. I remained positive and informed this deficiency. I was confident that I would be able to solve the problem. I didn't slip into depression and again I prayed to Dada to give me 'Shakti' and show me the way. I got a response from within me telling me that since I was taking false pride whilst doing 'Seva' and taking all credit for myself for completion of all tasks, so I had to suffer this blame and punishment alone!

    I then recalculated with a cool mind. Finally I found a small mistake in an accounts entry into debit column and rectified the same. I gained confidence that I can also manage to do some accounting work. Henceforth, I shall never be afraid of accepting my ‘Seva’ in any department. Besides, I will never be boastful while doing ‘Seva’ and applaud other’s contribution to the project equally important. That is the key to achieve success!

                                                                                  - Ymhtian, Simandhar City