After shifting to Simandhar City in 2013, I came in contact with Aptaputras. By the end of 2014, I felt that people give respect and then insult me. Moreover, two three persons would form a group and target me. Gradually, this started increasing, But since I had studied 'Nij dosh darshan thi nirdosh', I used to feel that “the fault is of the sufferer; all of them are 100 percent innocent.” I applied this Gnan of Dada on myself, and tried to maintain unity.

Shaping Character Inner

Inspite of all my efforts, this went on endlessly to such an extent that if this was to happen with anyone else, he would have gone into depression! But I decided to find out some solution. One person was advising me: “Remember, your strong determination to stay on despite all adverse circumstances will take you ahead with Dada`s Gnan, but there should be no malice within you towards anybody” I thought over it and then decided to approach Pujyashree Deepakbhai. I wrote out my problems and handed over the letter to Pujyashree. He enquired whether I was contacting any Aptputra for guidance. Some days later, I received phone call from an Aptputra who informed ”I have received Pujyashree's letter from vastly instructing me to help out Shyam in all his problems. So now whenever you need my help, or if you have any questions, feel free to phone me any time – even late after midnight! This is Pujyashree's 'Agna' to me for helping you.” On hearing this, I had great
gratitude towards Pujyashree that he was so concerned for a small guy like me. Recently, I went to him for blessings on my birthday. Pujyashri blessed me that I would receive Dadashree's Grace! This is my divine experience with the Gnani. If you wish to come out of any problem, you have to make a strong determination for it. Thereafter, Gnani's grace will take over!

- Simandharcity YMHTian